Crumble Cookie Restaurant Information | Review | Special Menu & Price

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies, they remind us of our grandmother? Cookies are the true definition of love and care and to cater to this definition there is a restaurant, Crumble cookie. I have heard a lot about this restaurant and its mouth-watering cookies. They have a wide range of cookies and I haven’tRead More

Waffel House Restaurant Information | Review | Special Menu And Price

Waffles for breakfast? or pancakes for breakfast? This is the question an American is tired of answering. As for me, I love pancakes for my breakfast. But waffles too have a special place in my heart, they are Delicious with a soft inside and crispy outer. A perfect waffle, when served with maple syrup andRead More

Dave’s Hot Chicken Restaurant Information | Review | Special Menu And Price

Dave’s hot chicken restaurant has been a major attraction among spicy chicken lovers these days. Some people were barely able to keep up with the heat of their chicken and some were inhaling their chicken like a normal one.  Being a spice lover myself, I decided to give this restaurant a visit and try theirRead More