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Johnny’s New York Style Pizza | Restaurant | Manu | Review

Johnny’s New York-style pizza is not an unheard name in the world of pizza food chains in the southeast. It is considered to be a good place to have some quick bites and of course a good and delicious pizza. With all the hype that johnny’s New York-style pizzeria is attracting, I as a heart and soul lover of pizza decided to actually visit the restaurant and give this place a try.

But before that let me tell you about Johnny’s New York-style pizza.

About Johnny’s New York Style Pizza

About Johnny’s New York Style Pizza

Johnny’s New York-style pizza was started in a small town back in 1977, today it has over 70 pizza joints across the southeast. They have restaurants as well as take-outs available, they also do home deliveries.

According to the official website of johnny’s its pizza are the true image of authentic New York-style pizza. They claim that their dough is made fresh and they use premium ingredients and freshly hand-cut veggies and sausages.

Though johnny’s New York-style pizza do not disclose the name of the place from where they buy their meat, they have confirmed that they import meat from a company that they have ties from back in 1977, when they started their first restaurant and they also claim that their meat is halal certified.

As for their menu, they serve a variety of pizzas and side dishes. They have salads, starters, wraps, chicken wings, dessert, and of course their signature pizzas. You can find their menu on their official website.

Now let us start the review of johnny’s New York-style pizza.

Johnny’s New Your Style Pizza Review

I will be reviewing johnny’s New York-style pizzeria into 5 parameters they are.  

  1. Ambiance
  2. Staff
  3. Service
  4. Hygiene
  5. Food I ordered

1. Ambiance ♥♥♥

I am not going to lie, the ambiance was good, I would not say excellent but it was like every other pizzeria, it has an indoor dining room which has sufficient space, the lighting was also decent nothing special here. The restaurant was filled with the smell of pizza, which was making me hungrier.

One thing I loved was their open dining space, which I found really beautiful (at least of the place I visited) I really liked the vibe of this place.

2. Staff ♥♥♥♥

To me staff is very important, if staff is good and cooperative then I am good to go. And to my surprise, the staff of Johnny’s New York-style pizza was very cooperative and well mannered. They were really nice people.

I have read mixed reviews on the staff of Johnny’s pizzeria but in the joint, I visited they were really calm and cool.  

3. Service ♥♥

Good stuff doesn’t mean good service. The service was not good, I was really upset by their service. For just a pizza they made me wait so long. I have actually read about johnny’s New York-style pizza’s pathetic service but after seeing their friendly staff I was convinced that those reviews were not true. But I was proved wrong, Johnny’s New York-style pizza really needs to work on their service.

4. Hygiene ♥♥♥♥♥

Good hygiene good life, I just made that up. Anyways, the hygiene of Johnny’s New York-style pizza was very good. Their tables were clean, and a waiter was making sure to wipe down the table after it was being used.

I saw the cleanest salt and pepper shakers there. I was really satisfied by the hygiene of Johnny’s New York-style pizza.  

5. Food I Ordered ♥♥

No restaurant review is complete without reviewing the restaurant’s food. Before going to johnny’s New York-style pizza I did a thorough research about their pizzas. I got mixed reviews on that, according to some reviews they serve burnt crust pizza which will obviously taste pathetic. But some customers really enjoyed their pizza and food.

So, I ordered a pizza a Johnny’s Italian special New York-style pizza, it cost me $16.79. The first thing I checked was my crust, and it had some burnt stuff on it, I can literally pinch out some burnt stuff from the crust, and that burnt stuff tased terribly bitter.

The pizza was not very good, I had better pizzas at this price point. The crust was surely not homemade and fresh as their official website claims, it tasted like a store-bought crust. The cheese and toppings were not bad but they surely were not ‘premium’ as claimed on their website. The cheese was bland, this is the most common problem in pizza joints and Johnny’s New York-style pizza too had this problem.

Overall, the pizza was okay-ish, not very good as claimed on their website.  

Menu Of Johnny’s New York-Style Pizza

Menu Of Johnny’s New York-Style Pizza

I can’t give you a concrete menu of Johnny’s New York-style pizza, but what I can do is give you the link to their official website.

You can check out their menu here → Johnny’s New York-style pizza’s menu

Parting Words

Now, for the final part. Do I recommend Johnny’s New York-style pizza? To this question my answer is yes, they have decent pizzas and other items. They are not what they claim ‘premium’ but they are good, the staff is good ambiance is also nice food is good, the only bad thing is their service.

Overall, Johnny’s New York-style pizza is good for a hangout with your friend and for some quick bites.

I would give this restaurant 3.5 stars out of 5

Overall Ranking ♥♥♥♥

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