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Pizza Hut’s Detroit Style Pizza Review

Pizzas are round and eaten in triangle slices, right?


There are round pizzas and then there is Detroit-style pizza. If you love pizzas as I do then a Detroit-style pizza may not be an unheard term for you. This pizza is a rectangular-shaped pizza with square-shaped pizza slices. Today we are going to try pizza hut’s Detroit-style pizza, and see whether it is worth the hype or not.

Pizza hut is a popular pizza joint and my expectations from this pizza are very high.  But before starting the review let us first know, what an authentic Detroit is?

What an authentic Detroit-style pizza is?

A Detroit-style pizza is a rectangular pizza with a thick and chewy crust, it is traditionally tomato sauce and Wisconsin brick cheese, the sides of pizza are crisp and covered with cheese, which makes the crust less boring. The sauce is rich and very flavourful and the cheese is baked till crisp and bubbly.

As for toppings, there is no hard rule for it. Any topping like pepperonis, mushrooms, olives, etc goes well with this pizza. This pizza is baked in a rectangular tray which is designed specifically for this pizza.

So now we have a reference point so that we can compare Pizza hut’s Detroit-style pizza with the authentic Detroit-style pizza.

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Pizza hut’s Detroit-style pizza review

This pizza is available in four options

Detroit double pepperoni – This option comes with both classic pepperoni and crispy cupped pepperoni

Detroit supremo – This option has Italian sausage, red onions, and green peppers as toppings  

Detroit meaty deluxe – crispy cupped pepperoni, bacon, and Italian sausage are used as toppings.

Create your own – You can choose any 5 toppings.

I ordered pizza hut’s Detroit double pepperoni style pizza from my nearest pizza hut joint and the pizza was delivered hot right at my doorsteps. I got this pizza for $11.99 which is pretty average considering the hype this pizza is attracting nowadays.

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Now, let us jump into the review of pizza hut’s Detroit-style pizza. I will be judging this pizza on 6 parameters

  1. Look at the pizza
  2. The crust of the pizza
  3. Cheese
  4. Toppings
  5. Sauce
  6. Taste

But first, let us take a look into the nutrition value of the pizza

Nutrition value of pizza hut’s Detroit-style pizza

Serving Size – 1 slice
Calories – 330 (from Fat – 150)
Fat – 17g (Saturated Fat – 7g)
Sodium – 720mg
Carbs – 30g (Sugar – 2g)
Protein – 14g

1. Look at the pizza

At first look, this pizza is a deep-dish pizza, and pizza hut is not shying away with toppings, this pizza has a load of toppings on it. The sides of this pizza look crisp and covered with cheese, there is no sauce between toppings and the crust but there is a big dollop of vine-ripened tomato sauce on each slice, this sauce was added after baking to give some extra flavor. The aroma of the pizza is really mouth-watering and the looks are really appetizing.

2. The crust of the pizza

The crust is the base of the pizza and it needs to taste good.

Our pizza hut’s Detroit-style pizza has a pretty thick and moist crust. This pizza is covered with cheese from edge to edge which I found very good. The texture of the crust is airy and a bit chewy at the same time.

Overall, I really loved the crust of this pizza it is chewy, airy, and is covered with golden brown cheese from edge to edge.

3. Cheese

A pizza should give that satisfactory cheese pull, right? In this pizza hut’s Detroit-style pizza, there was a good amount of mozzarella cheese covering the whole pizza edge to edge, it was baked till golden brown with crispy edges, which I really enjoyed. And when this pizza is hot it gives a decent cheese pull.  

The mozzarella cheese was really creamy but it lacks flavor, which is a negative point that I found in most of the pizza joints.

Overall, the cheese was decent (not very good).

4. Toppings

As told earlier, this pizza is loaded with toppings. The classic pepperonis were really good, better than store-bought pepperonis. But the cupped pepperonis were somewhat dry, maybe from baking. When eaten alone the cupped pepperonis had a dry interior with a hint of bitterness, which I honestly didn’t enjoy much.  But when I had it along with everything else it made no huge difference in the taste department.

5. Sauce

I love pizza sauce, and I really enjoyed pizza hut’s vine-ripped tomato sauce. There is no base layer of sauce, pizza hut has just poured some sauce on each slice, for me it worked, I don’t know about you.

The sauce was creamy, rich, and perfectly herbed, it was far better than any store-bought pizza sauce. When eaten hot the flavors really burst in my mouth, really a thumbs up from my side.

6. Taste

Taste is the make or breaks for any pizza, Pizza hut’s Detroit-style pizza tastes good, I would not say amazing because of the bland cheese and burned cupped pepperonis. The texture was good, I really enjoyed it. The crust was above average, surely better than pizza hut’s other crusts. The best thing was the cheese coverage, it was spread edge to edge, which makes even the edges of the pizza surprisingly good.

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Overall Experience

Was the pizza worth hype? I would say yes. It was a good pizza I really loved the sauce and toppings except for that bitter aftertaste of cupped pepperonis.

Does it mimic the authentic Detroit-style pizza? No, not exactly. The authentic Detroit-style pizza has a chewier crust and more flavourful cheese is used.

Individually pizza hut’s Detroit-style pizza was good. The taste was also very good, I loved the texture of the pizza.

Overall, it is a good pizza and is worth every penny.

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